The need to fabricate

Should I upload this picture to instagram? Why do we upload our most personal things up on instagram? Is it to show the world that we are perfectly happy in the world we just made up in our own minds.  The world where we only have good hair days, or our eyebrows are on fleek , or perhaps we wearing the perfect outfit to outdo the next person. Why fabricate an unrealistic world and still open yourself up for negative comments, sarcastic remarks and allow yourself to be the talk of any social gathering…. ‘whoa! Did you see her latest updated pic? New guy on her arm…’ or  I seen her at the gym and she’s not her ‘instagram’ complexion’. We spend hours finding the best lighting,  striking poses, extraordinary lip postures,  and fanciful filters to make believe that we always this quintessential. Why do we do it?  Why do we upload every breath that we take? Why do we create this fantasy-like world of ourselves? We do it because we not content, if we were, we would have kept all the knowledge to ourselves. Why not be true to yourself and upload a picture of yourself when you have zits popping out on your forehead, or when you experiencing a stressful day and ain’t looking your very best. I’m not saying that we should focus on the pain, I’m just asking how honest are we,  because most of the time its a posed shot.

The best moments in life, the perfect days,  the genuine laughs and smiles and the most incredible and monumental times cannot be captured on an 8 megapixel, 4.7 inch, high resolution camera.  Be happy and honest with yourself and glee in those moments. And if it’s truly you, by all means- click and upload.