Living in a world of fire…

Its funny how times have changed. Back in the day, not so long ago, if a parent received a phone call from a teacher or the child was calling the parent from school; it was almost instantaneous that the child was upto no good.

Well friends, let me burst your bubble (especially if you in the education field or entering it) parents of today are quick to accuse the teachers of wronging the learner, of “victimisation” , of ‘why only my child, not somebody else’s” … Parents side with the children, accept their childs word over the teachers, scream, demand and humiliate teachers because their “angel” could not be capable of such sin.

At home your child is one person. At school another- influence, confidence, pressure from peers changes ones personality. A child is a combination of nature and nurture. The constant pressure to part take in annoying or frustrating an educator or else they labelled. The pressure of clowning around or suffering the consequences of brutal child to child emotional abuse. With all this environmental pressure, your child is pressured and accustomed to change to “fit in” or “blend”. It’s mortifying to think that parents are so oblivious to knowing who or what they child is when out of their glistering eyes. Unfortunately.

Now lately, more than ever, parents are siding with their kids (soaring their children on) “Yes, yes your teacher is wrong! I will be at school on Monday” – no further investigation? No facts or evidence? No common sense??? Just a childs word over his educator. Fast forward; Monday morning and you storm into school and accuse the teacher that they are wrong for disciplinary words exchanged, mind you not even “carried out”. Pointing your fingers at the man/woman who only wants the best for YOUR child? No decency to ask some questions first? You don’t want to interrogate the child , but you won’t think twice to do it to the teacher? Please dont get me wrong teachers do have shortcomings, but seriously your child is just a child- atleast be adult enough to ask before jumping to any conclusions and you having to walk out of the school with your tail between your legs.

Here’s a harsh reality check… parents who cover for their children are not doing themselves nor their children a great advantage, instead you lifting them so high that when they fall- it’s going to be a really really hard one! and in all reality they going to land right on you and break all those fingers that once pointed to the teacher who called YOU to help YOUR child.We living in a world of fire- so someone is bound to get burnt.


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