Losing our marbles…I meant morals Morals... everyone talks about them , but how many of us are truly trying to stick to what we have been brought up with as morally right? How many of us are taking the hard road? How many of us are taking the risk , in the name of morals? Probably a handful. Being a Muslim and an educator I believe that what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. There is no grey area. I believe that what is okay for the goose is also okay for the gander. I believe that you should treat the janitor with the same respect that you treat the CEO. I believe that underhand and unfair decisions and dealings will catch up with you, maybe not now, but surely someday. I believe that we as adults need to teach our children that being an adult is not easy. That following what you strongly believe in being right is going to loose you friends and possibly turn strangers into foe, but we need to teach our children that it's okay... rather humality in what is right than pride in who is right. Rather the long, tideous road with many obstacles than the road with no morals and make believe no consequences. I stand by what I believe in and I cannot be bothered about how many "friends" I loose along the way or how many people hate me simply because I believed in my morals and my values. At the end of the day, we live to make a positive difference in the world and if we can't be true to ourselves, we morally deprived and so is everyone around us.

The need to fabricate

Should I upload this picture to instagram? Why do we upload our most personal things up on instagram? Is it to show the world that we are perfectly happy in the world we just made up in our own minds.  The world where we only have good hair days, or our eyebrows are on fleek , or perhaps we wearing the perfect outfit to outdo the next person. Why fabricate an unrealistic world and still open yourself up for negative comments, sarcastic remarks and allow yourself to be the talk of any social gathering…. ‘whoa! Did you see her latest updated pic? New guy on her arm…’ or  I seen her at the gym and she’s not her ‘instagram’ complexion’. We spend hours finding the best lighting,  striking poses, extraordinary lip postures,  and fanciful filters to make believe that we always this quintessential. Why do we do it?  Why do we upload every breath that we take? Why do we create this fantasy-like world of ourselves? We do it because we not content, if we were, we would have kept all the knowledge to ourselves. Why not be true to yourself and upload a picture of yourself when you have zits popping out on your forehead, or when you experiencing a stressful day and ain’t looking your very best. I’m not saying that we should focus on the pain, I’m just asking how honest are we,  because most of the time its a posed shot.

The best moments in life, the perfect days,  the genuine laughs and smiles and the most incredible and monumental times cannot be captured on an 8 megapixel, 4.7 inch, high resolution camera.  Be happy and honest with yourself and glee in those moments. And if it’s truly you, by all means- click and upload.


twiddling thumbs…

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”
Henry B Adams

 I sit in bed, with a sudden urge to start writing. I twiddle my thumbs and bite the skin around my nails (#winterproblems). Recently I’v been doing some constructive thinking , and by constructive I simply mean the type where I actually think about stuff that matter, I currently hold two degrees: psychology and education. They do go hand in hand and personally I feel like every individual that teaches should have some fundamental knowledge into the psychology of the human mind, because if you cannot understand it- how can you educate to improve it or enhance it to reach its full potential. I am fairly new to the world of educating enchanting young minds. Within the time I have spent around them, I observed that their carefree minds and attitude is unfortunately a thing of “swag”. It’s now cool to fail or “glamorous” to be disobedient to those around you and its simply a “drag” to learn from textbooks because “when are you ever going to use it?”. It’s about their rights and therefore not caring about the exuberant lengths parents and caregivers go to maintain or provide these children with such great opportunities is no more a priority. As generations are passing through our hands and we are imparting knowledge to them, I believe that even more important than the textbook knowledge we share, the life lessons we pass on too them are vital , thus we can make them understand that education is not torture- but merely an opportunity to mould themselves into the adult they want to be. Encourage them to question things- to critically engage with the world, make the learning content in the syllabus accessible to them, on their own they will not endure such advanced thinking, but through our life lessons, stories  and experiences we can hopefully nudge them into being vivacious youth who will lead our future, so we can live in retreat knowing we have breed others who have a zest for life. If we leave children to continue with this current attitude to the world around them, we are leading the way to ultimate destruction.